Undercode | Driven Again
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Driven Again

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3d-Cover_single“A hundred miles per hour… I feel alive when my machine roars”

From the wilderness to the wasteland and back on the scene again, UNDERCODE has emerged from a lengthy hiatus, armed with a new studio album and an arsenal of videos to promote their highly anticipated sophomore release ‘Post-Apocalyptic’.

Encapsulating the raw energy that UNDERCODE became renowned for with their debut album ‘Enlightening the World’, their second album ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ presents a narrative of a collapsed civilisation in the post-nuclear wasteland.

Kicking off the first chapter of their audiovisual trilogy is ‘Driven’, a fuel injected dose of metal that will rip the flesh off your bones and leave you eating dust in its wake.

Set in the Mojave Desert (United States), the videos were filmed at the world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival ‘Wasteland Weekend’ in 2013 and 2014.

The concept began to take shape in 2012 as founding member and frontman Damien Dee started researching for props to be used in a video to promote the new album.

Damien explains… “I was googling for some images at the time and I found a few photos of an amazing, rusty, post-apocalyptic looking 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo (called ‘Monster Carlo’). I fell in love with the car immediately, so I searched for more information about the car and some link took me to the official website of ‘Wasteland Weekend’, a 4-day post-apocalyptic party held in the Mojave Desert, less than two hours away from Los Angeles. After I saw a couple of videos taken from the previous year with people dressed up in costumes, driving super cool bikes and cars, having fun in the middle of the desert, I said to myself “I must go there and film a video for one of our new songs”.

His dream turned to reality in September of 2013 when he flew to the ‘Wasteland Weekend’ and filmed the intended video, but the whole experience was such a blast that he had to come back in 2014 – where two more videos were shot.

Flap Undercode T shirtEven though the whole project was filmed on a shoestring budget, it wouldn’t have been possible without the enormous help he received from the organisers and participants of ‘Wasteland Weekend’.

“I must admit that I found my second home in the ‘Wasteland’. Everyone was so supportive and friendly. When we approached some people, asking them if they were willing to help us out with the filming, they would leave their beers and jump in their vehicles straight away!

“I would like to thank all the Wastelanders who have participated in the making of our videos, especially Adam Norris, Jen Harte Van Houten, Flap TooFourToo, David Heckley, William Simmons, Stephany Lyle, Lala Decay, Sara Galdjie, Kyle Jacobsen, Ben Salisbury and Julie Coffin who did an awesome job for ‘Driven’.

“There is a huge list of other people who are appearing in the next two chapters of this trilogy – but I will thank them when we get closer to the release date of the sequels”.